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Single-drive units use only one propulsion as an energy source, but Hybrid-drive refrigeration units use electricity alongside the main propulsion (car engine or standalone diesel engine).

Both Omega and Abato brands are registered trademarks of Sarma Gostar Vira. All Omega and Abato products are produced in Iran by local engineers. Parts are localized as much as possible, and imported parts are sourced from the best and reputable foreign manufacturers.

Omega products result from nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing cooling, heating, and air conditioning units. Through continuous research, experiments, and vigorous testing, Omega has achieved a level of technical knowledge in manufacturing units, rivaling the best international brands.

Omega offers all of its products with a one-year guarantee and 10 years after sales service commitment.

All Omega products are designed and manufactured to suit Iran’s climatic conditions. These products can work in environments with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius without any qualitative decline in performance and efficiency. You should be comfortable with the performance of our products in the summer.

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