اولین کارگاه سرما گستر ویرا

Photo of the first OMEGA Workshop – 1994

Sarma Gostar Vira Company started its activity with the name of Omega by producing fixed refrigerators, repairs and maintenance of refrigeration units in 1994.

From our very first days, we tried our best to make units which are the best choices compared to others when it comes to Middle Eastern Environment and Weather.

By now, We are making refrigeration units in 4 main categories:

1- Sub-Zero and Above-Zero Temp. Refrigeration Units;

2- Cooling/Heating Units (best for Pharma Industry and fertilized chicken eggs transportation);

3- Air Condition System for One-Day Chick transportation;

4- Fixed Refrigeration and Cooling Storages Units.

“Endless quality” has always been the top of our agenda.

Proud of our past, confident about our present, and hopeful of the future, our company relies on its invaluable team and irreplaceable members going forward. To enhance customer satisfaction and demonstrate our loyalty to quality, the company has implemented a quality inspection system based on ISO9001:2008 standards to ensure excellence of every product.

The research and development team of this company has always been working to improve the quality and adapt the products to the latest technologies globally, which has made this company competitive with the best of this industry in the world.

Also, the representative network of Sarma Gostar Vira Company in different parts of the country will help our customers with after-sales services and supply of spare parts.

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