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From the earliest days of the company’s operation, we have always been keen on those needs in the society that may go beyond Omega’s missions. Environmental awareness, ecological protection, individual prosperity, and community development of our stakeholders have had a special place in the company’s daily activities.

Adhering to the principles that have guided the activities of the Omega family from day one, has led us today to a position which we can claim we have done our part in the society. We perpetually monitor the employees’ health and safety, avoid discrimination in the workplace, provide accountability to people, and establish mutually respecting relationships with our customers. Alongside our business concerns, we are committed to environmental protection and a sustainable community. We produce units with low carbon footprints, and endeavor to enhance the well-being of the society.

We are proud that at Omega, we have never entered into a transaction that may have potential harm to the society or the environment.

We hope that by adhering to the company’s values, we will be able to fulfill our duties of social development and improve the state of the environment.

Some of Omega’s social missions toward sustainable development:


We believe that the earth is our most valuable common asset. We, as Omega, are committed to ensuring that we do not harm this valuable asset through our products.


We believe that we do not always have to learn our lessons from detrimental events with severe life and financial consequences. Observing safety rules and making an effort towards healthiness is something that may not be expensive, but very valuable.


We believe that the fastest way to success and the most sustainable way to develop company activities is to fairly and intelligently teach and develop our people in the complex.

Reducing energy consumption

We believe that saving energy and preventing energy wastage is not empty rhetoric. We have always tried to make the environment a priority, regardless of our financial considerations.


We always look for maximum customer satisfaction. We can only reach this goal if we accept that criticism is the best training. 

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