Our Road to Endless Experience

Discovering the Market Needs and Designing Products

Omega Research and Development Unit, consisting of a group of young engineers along with experienced staff, design the product according to the needs and desires of customers according to market needs and specific climatic conditions especially hot and dry climate conditions of the Middle East. This process increases the useful life cycle of products and also reduces energy consumption and increases the productivity of designed units.

Making Prototypes and Initial Experiments

Based on the results and achievements of the first stage, and according to the unique needs of customers, a test sample of a new product or upgraded product is made. After the initial tests, the test product is delivered to the customer for a limited time to validate and ensure that it meets the needs of customers to measure the efficiency and quality of the product by the customer.

Mass Production

After customer approval and the agreement on the test sample specifications, Omega will produce the product to the desired number of customers. We pursue our main goal and ideal, which is to provide the highest possible quality. We are always looking to use the latest and most optimal technology in the world, in the path of continuous development and improvement of our products.

Installation and Delivery

After completing the order and producing the desired products, at the customer's request, Omega delivers the manufactured products to the customers in the installed form. Due to the sensitivity of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and the need for accurate installation, omega products are installed by the company's technical experts to greatly reduce the likelihood of potential failures.

Guarantee and After-Sales Services

All Omega products have an 18-month warranty from the time of delivery to customers, and Omega is obliged to repair any damage or technical defects as soon as possible. Omega is also committed to provide the parts and services needed for its products to customers for up to 10 years after sale.

Receive Feedback and Continuous Communication with Customers

The sales team of Omega acts as an intermediary between factory and customers and they are continuously in contact with customers and they are willing to hear the comments and suggestions of the customers in order to change the design and production of their products to meet the demands of the market. We owe our success and credibility to customer feedback.

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Guarantee of Omega Products

All products of Sarma Gostar Vira Company come with a 12-month guarranty.

After-Sales Services

Sarma Gostar Vira has committed itself to providing spare parts and accessories needed to repair a product for up to 10 years after sale.

Service and Maintenance
of Other refrigeration units

Due to the brilliant experience of Vira Sarma Gostar in the field of maintenance of Omega units, in addition to its products, the company’s technical team is ready to service and repair refrigeration units of other local and foreign brands.

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