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September 14, 2021

Today, refrigerated vehicles are widely used to transport temperature-sensitive products. As the term “temperature sensitive” implies, these materials react to any sudden change in temperature and may be physically damaged or perished. Therefore, the temperature and humidity must be monitored constantly. This is done with the help of temperature control systems. In this article, we are going to introduce the Omega temperature control panel of refrigeration units that help you manage refrigerated vehicles.

Omega control panel

Omega has designed two separate control panels to help control its cooling and air conditioning units. In the following, we will review the features related to each model.

Omega Refrigeration Unit’s Control Panel models 630 and 604

Temperature control in the refrigerators of trucks and portable refrigerators is one of the most important issues. The main and key tasks of units control panels are turning the device on and off, tuning the temperature, adjusting the temperature tolerance (unit rest interval), and selecting the power source and driving force of the refrigeration unit whether the refrigeration unit is powered by the car engine (direct drive) or powered by both engine and city electricity (hybrid drive).

Omega temperature control panels are very easy to use for adjusting and setting the temperature. These control panels also act as a notification center by displaying all errors and warnings so the operator is easily informed of the condition of the refrigerator with a short message.

Omega control panel has different options depending on the type of unit, whether it has defrosted capability (automatic or manual) or not, whether the unit is air conditioning type (above zero temperature) or cooling type (below zero temps). It should be noted that the control panel and omega temperature control system are USER-FRIENDLY and at the same time the most practical control panel systems among other similar products.

Announcements and warnings

  • Notifies when is the time to defrost
  • Refrigerator temperature warning exceeds the desired temperature
  • Sensor disconnection warnings
  • Temperatures outside the sensor detection range
  • High pressure inside the pipes
  • Warning the vehicle engine is off when the unit is working with the vehicle engine


Temperature control system is one of the vital and important parts in refrigerators and cold stores that can cause a lot of damage if not operated as it should be. Omega temperature control system and control panels are the result of research and design of a team of active engineers in Omega company who, by recognizing the needs of the market, have been able to provide customers with a desirable experience of use and use.

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