Thermo King or Omega? - Comparison of Thermo King and Omega Refrigeration Units

Thermo King or Omega? – Comparison of Thermo King and Omega Refrigeration Units



August 7, 2021

The refrigeration units and vehicle refrigerators producing industry is a long-standing industry; which has been considered by manufacturers since the production of the first refrigerators, Traces of the use of the compression refrigeration cycle for the transport of perishable food can also be seen. Thermo King is one of the oldest names in the refrigeration unit industry and almost no one is unfamiliar with it. But Omega is an Iranian brand that has been able to establish itself very well over the years and produce high quality refrigeration units suitable for the Middle East climate and the hot and dry climate of the region. This article is both a guide to buying refrigeration units and a comparison between Thermo King and Omega brands.

Thermo King and Omega brands

Before we start comparing Thermo King and Omega units, we need to get a little familiar with these two reputable companies. Thermo King is known to all. The company’s activities began with the production of the first refrigeration units in 1938. The invention of the refrigeration unit was registered in 1940 and so it was the Thermo King’s begin.

SARMA GOSTAR VIRA Company, the owner of Omega brand, started its activity in 1994. Respect for consumer rights, the use of qualified engineers, the use of raw materials and modern industrial equipment along with advanced technology have caused the company’s transportation units to be considered by buyers as one of the best choices offered in Iran’s market, so that today Omega is at the top of domestic market and ready to compete with reputable foreign brands.

Thermo King and Omega unit’s comparison

The main argument in comparing Thermo King and Omega units is why should we trust the name of SARMA GOSTAR at all? Especially since the Thermo King brand has been known and trusted in the market for many years. In answer to this question, we can mention the following:

A. Reputation isn’t Everything

First of all, the brand’s reputation may give us a very good picture of the quality of the products we buy, but that is not all. In other markets, such as mobile phones or home appliances, there are many brands that are of interest to consumers, and the choices are not limited to the most famous. The same is true in the refrigeration industry and refrigeration units. There are many brands active in this industry and among all these Omega has been able to firmly establish itself as a top product and the highest quality among Iranian consumers.

B. Climate Considered Design

One issue that should not be forgotten is the importance of climate and environment consideration in the design process of transportation refrigeration units. Components and mechanisms designed to fit in the Middle East climate will certainly have higher performance, quality and longevity than models designed for other climates. As a result, Omega units will perform better because they are produced to suit these weather conditions.

C. Product Prices

Due to the fact that Omega refrigeration units are produced in Iran, as a result, there is a significant price difference with Thermo King products and other manufacturing companies. The higher labor costs, the higher price due to reputation, and several other technical and non-technical factors make the final price of the products of prominent companies such as Thermo King higher and more expensive compared to Omega units. We can confidently tell you that choosing SARMA GOSTAR is the best offer if you are looking to buy a high quality and reasonably priced transportation unit.

D. 10-Years of After-Sales Services

In order to increase the welfare and peace of mind of buyers, Omega is obliged to offer, in addition to a one-year product warranty, 10 years of after-sales service, including the supply of parts and advice on repairs and troubleshooting to customers. This relieves the customers of the originality of the parts and the authenticity of the services due to the geographical proximity of the design team and the engineers of the repair and after-sales service unit.


Thermo King or Carrier, or any other well-known brand has its own high quality and no one can deny this fact, but when it comes to local brands, it is impossible not to talk about a better end price, support for the local workforce, assurance of after-sales service, and design fit with the climate of the area. Omega has been trying to provide the best products and services to customers in Iran all these years, and now, due to its growth over the years, it has been able to position itself in competition with the world’s leading brands.

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