Air conditioning unit J1700 for transporting day-old chicks

Air conditioning unit J1700 Special for transporting one-day-old chicks, refrigeration capacity of 17000 watts


Why special chicken transport unit?

In the past few decades, the food industry has made significant progress, and poultry farming is no exception. One of the most profitable branches in the poultry industry, especially chicken, is hatching. Newly hatched chicks must be delivered to the poultry farm in less than 24 hours, otherwise they may be seriously injured. Currently, this transfer is often done in traditional ways, which have many weaknesses and many criticisms. Omega J1700 chicken transport unit is a solution for all these criticisms and problems.

One-day-old chicks are sensitive to several factors, including temperature, wind speed, suspended particles in the air, the percentage of oxygen in the air, and the concentration of carbon dioxide, and the disturbance of the balance between these factors may cause a disruption in the growth process of the chick or even death. Thousands of chickens in a cargo container.

Omega J1700 chicken air conditioning unit with cooling power of 17000 watts and air conditioning function give customers the assurance that the temperature inside the container will remain at a certain temperature despite heat production due to the breathing of chickens. On the other hand, the breathing of chickens leads to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the container, and the sensors installed in this unit quickly monitor these changes and automatically introduce fresh air into the container.

The body of day-old chicks is covered with thin hairs that are separated and suspended in the air with the slightest movement. In the design of the J1700 chicken air conditioning unit, filters are installed in the air circulation path of the container, which are constantly purifying the air from these suspended particles.

The fresh air distribution system in the J1700 chicken transport unit is designed so that the air flows evenly and uniformly at all points of the container, and at the right speed.

All the filters and parts of the J1700 chicken transport unit that are installed inside the container can be washed and disinfected.

In the J1700 poultry air conditioning unit, the control of the unit and the application of temperature settings of the container, plus the warnings and notifications related to the status of the canteen and the unit, are all accessible through the exclusive Omega control panel. Omega control panels are designed so that working with them is possible and simple for everyone.

Sarmagoster Vira J1700 chicken transport unit, like other Omega brand products, is supplied with a one-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on the supply of parts and after-sales services, so that customers can feel comfortable about the quality of the product and, of course, the quality of service and experience after purchase.

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Technical Specifications

Unit performance

Special air conditioning

Designed for

Eggs and day-old chicks

driving force

Car engine

Refrigerant gas type


Compressor type

Swash Plate

temperature period

15+ to 50+

Compressor brand





51 x 67.8 x 125 cm

Car Battery Specs

12V & 24V

Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Truck and small truck

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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Support and after-sales service


One year warranty and 10 years supply of parts and after-sales service