E500 Freon stationary refrigeration unit of Shahr Power Engine

Freon E500 Omega fixed refrigerator unit

E500 Freon fixed refrigeration unit City electric motor


Omega E500 Freon fixed refrigerator unit is one of Omega’s special production models. This unit is mostly used to run fixed cold storages and fixed containers, and its engine is city electricity.

Condensation refrigeration cycle is used in the design of E500 Omega Freon fixed refrigeration unit. The refrigerant gas used in this refrigeration unit is R22; which is considered the most famous refrigerant in refrigeration cycles. The compressor of this unit is also a swash plate type; which is made by the German company Bitzer and is considered one of the popular brands. The operating temperature range of this cooling unit is between minus thirty degrees Celsius and plus fifteen degrees Celsius; This operating temperature depends on the type and model of the unit.

Another important point in the design of this unit is its evaporator section. The aeration volume of the evaporator of this system reaches 2400 cubic meters per hour; which will be enough to aerate containers with an approximate capacity of 5.2 tons.

Another point is the complete compatibility of Omega refrigeration units with the climate of Iran and the region. in a way that will cause the least problems in urban transportation. You can get help from this unit for transporting frozen and fresh food products.

Omega E500 Freon fixed refrigerator unit is produced in two sub-zero and high-zero defrosted types, you can see the performance characteristics of each model:

  • Refrigeration unit below zero: LE code, equipped with automatic and manual defrost, operating temperature from plus four to minus thirty degrees Celsius.
  • Refrigeration unit above Safari with defrost: ME code, equipped with automatic and manual defrost, operating temperature minus ten to plus fifteen degrees Celsius.

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Technical Specifications

Unit performance


Designed for

Fresh, frozen and deep-frozen ingredients

driving force

city electricity

Refrigerant gas type


Compressor type

Swash Plate

temperature period

-20 to +4 -10 to +15 4+ to 15+

Compressor brand





41*46*125 cm

Car Battery Specs


Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Fixed containers

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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