Omega refrigeration unit model SEP280, two car engine systems and city electricity, refrigeration capacity of 2800 watts

Omega refrigeration unit SEP280

Refrigeration unit Omega model SEP280 Two car engine systems and city electricity, cooling power of 2800 watts


SEP280 Omega refrigeration unit is another refrigeration unit of this company’s two systems; which is used by companies distributing food, pharmaceutical, agricultural products, etc. The design of this refrigerator unit is such that you can install it on all kinds of vans and trucks.

In terms of the driving force, this unit is classified as a two-system (two-motor) unit, and you can run the SEP280 refrigeration unit both with city electricity and with a car engine.

The refrigeration capacity of this compressor reaches 2.8 kW at 0 degrees Celsius. R134a refrigerant gas is used in this transportation unit, and the operating temperature range of the Omega SEP280 refrigeration unit is between plus fifteen degrees Celsius and minus thirty degrees Celsius.

Omega SEP280 refrigeration unit is designed in three different categories; You can see its specifications below:

  • Subzero refrigeration unit: identification code LD, equipped with automatic and manual defrost, with a working temperature of plus four to minus thirty degrees Celsius.
  • Refrigeration unit above zero equipped with defrost: identification code MD, manual and automatic defrost, operating temperature minus ten to plus fifteen degrees Celsius.
  • Refrigerated unit above zero without defrost: identification code MN, without defrost, with an operating temperature of plus five to plus fifteen degrees Celsius.

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Technical Specifications

Unit performance

Refrigeration of two systems

Designed for

Fresh, frozen and deep-frozen ingredients

driving force

Car engine and city electricity

Refrigerant gas type

R134a , R404a

Compressor type

Swash Plate



temperature period

-20 to +4 -10 to +15 4+ to 15+

Compressor brand





20 x 51 x 100 cm

Car Battery Specs

12V & 24V

Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Truck and small truck

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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Support and after-sales service


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