Omega SE470 refrigeration unit – car engine driving force – 4.7 kW refrigeration power

SE470 refrigeration unit for car engine and city electricity - suitable for trucks and vans

Refrigeration unit SE470 Omega - Car engine driving force - 4.7 kW cooling power


Omega SE series is considered as one of the most popular and of course the most practical production products of Sarmagostar company, which, in addition to having all the features and specifications of the S series, also have the possibility of working with city electricity.

The SE470 refrigeration unit, known in the market as two systems and two motors, is a good option for traveling long distances with overnight stops.

The electric motor and separate compressor embedded in this series of products have the ability to maintain the temperature in the desired range and protect the load against temperature changes when the car engine is off.

In the design of the Omega SE470 refrigeration unit, a separate compressor is considered for each of the driving forces, which cools the container using the compression refrigeration cycle.

These features have made Omega’s SE470 refrigeration unit the first choice of many companies producing ready and semi-ready food, protein materials, meat, chicken and frozen fish, for use in the nationwide distribution system and intercity transportation.

SE470 and SE500 are two existing products of SE series, among which SE500 is the newest and most powerful member of this family.

Features of refrigeration unit SE470

  • The important point in the design of Omega SE470 refrigeration unit is to consider the geographical conditions and climatic diversity of the Middle East region, which made the unit suitable and compatible for working in the cold mountains and hot deserts of the country.
  • In the design of SE470 refrigerating unit, one Swash Plate compressor (2 in total) manufactured by Sanden Japan is used for each driving force. In general, Swash Plate compressors consume at least 10% less energy than other compressors on the market.
  • SE470 refrigerating unit is available in two types with defrosting system (with defrost) and without defrosting system (without defrost).
  • Omega’s exclusive digital control panel, with a user-centered design, in addition to the simplicity of making settings related to the cabin temperature, permitted temperature tolerance and power supply selection, uses Omega’s special alarm and notification system that keeps the driver informed at any moment during the events and Sets the status of the container.
  • One-year warranty and 10-year guarantee of supply of parts and after-sales services by the company is another proof of the quality and efficiency of Omgast name.

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Technical Specifications

Unit performance


Designed for

Fresh, frozen and deep-frozen ingredients

driving force

Car engine and city electricity

Refrigerant gas type

R134a , R404a

Compressor type

Swash Plate

temperature period

-20 to +4 -10 to +15 4+ to 15+

Compressor brand



5.2 to 10


48*68*152 cm

Car Battery Specs

12V & 24V

Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Truck and small truck

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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Support and after-sales service


One year warranty and 10 years supply of parts and after-sales service