Refrigeration unit G600 powered by an independent gasoline engine and industrial electricity

Refrigeration unit G600 Independent gasoline engine and industrial electricity


Omega G600 refrigerator unit is another example of refrigeration units with independent gasoline engine of Omega company. With the difference that in this refrigerator unit, you can use gasoline instead of diesel fuel to start the engine of the unit. The use of engine compressors for long-distance transportation and the transfer of special and highly sensitive products is a favorable option for drivers and is therefore welcomed by them.

In addition to gasoline fuel, you can also use three-phase industrial electricity to supply the driving force for this refrigeration cycle. Three-phase electricity is less consuming than single-phase electricity, and because of its constant power, it maintains the performance of the refrigeration cycle.

A Japanese Sanden compressor has been used in the construction of the G600 refrigerator unit with an independent gasoline engine. This compressor is a flat type or Swash Plate type. Because it occupies less space and has a lower weight than other compressors in the market. You can install this unit on different trucks and vans due to its suitable dimensions and weight.

The refrigerant gas used in the refrigeration cycle of the G600 unit is R134a or R404a refrigerant gas, which has a good performance in refrigeration cycles and creates a temperature range of positive fifteen degrees Celsius to minus thirty degrees Celsius in this refrigerator unit.

Another characteristic of the Omega gasoline engine transport unit is the high power of its evaporator. The aeration power of the evaporator of this refrigeration unit reaches 2600 cubic meters per hour in the maximum mode; which is enough for cooling and providing the required air for eight to ten tons of product.

The Omega G600 transport unit is specially designed for Iran’s weather and climate, and it performs well even at a temperature of +50 degrees Celsius and continues to operate without any problems.

For more information about the features of the G600 refrigerator unit and how to buy, you can contact the collection through the contact us page. همچنین می توانید با مراجعه به کانال تلگرام و عضویت در آن، همواره از آخرین اخبار و اطلاعیه های شرکت سرما گستر ویرا نیز باخبر شوید.G600

Technical Specifications

Unit performance


Designed for

Fresh, frozen and deep-frozen ingredients

driving force

Independent internal combustion engine

Refrigerant gas type

R134a , R404a

Compressor type

Swash Plate

temperature period

-20 to +4 -10 to +15 4+ to 15+

Compressor brand



5.2 to 10


51 x 67.8 x 125 cm

Car Battery Specs

12V & 24V

Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Truck and small truck

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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Support and after-sales service


One year warranty and 10 years supply of parts and after-sales service