WRE600 heating and cooling unit for two car engine and municipal electricity systems

WRE600 cooling heating unit Two car engine systems and urban electricity


Why WRE600 cooling heating unit?

Air conditioning units (or cooling heating) and refrigeration units are both of the family of refrigeration products. Both use the condensation refrigeration cycle and both have similar mechanisms. But what is the difference between air conditioning units and refrigeration units and what makes it important to use Omega WRE600 heating cooling unit?

To answer this question, we must first have a look at the long list of edible and non-edible products sensitive to ambient temperature and temperature changes. Products with different characteristics and properties, each of which has its own storage conditions.

A simple and concrete example might be the vaccine, which has different types and each of them has its own method of transportation and storage. Some vaccines should be stored at a temperature of +4 degrees Celsius and others at a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius. This is exactly the point where air conditioning units separate from refrigeration units.

Many temperature-sensitive products must be kept at temperatures outside the service range of refrigeration units. Many of these products, such as most medicines, fertilized eggs and ornamental plants, suffer from temperature shock in case of temperature changes and can no longer be used. The sensitivity of some of these products to temperature changes is so high that they become unusable with the smallest temperature changes and business owners face huge losses.

Omega WRE600 heating cooling unit is a solution to this problem and challenge faced by many pharmaceutical and food distribution companies.

The Omega WRE600 heating cooling unit with the ability to intelligently control and stabilize the temperature of the canteen in the range of +5 to +40 degrees Celsius, not only prevents the unexpected rise and fall of the container temperature, but also keeps you in the flow of the maximum and minimum temperature of the canteen during It also includes travel.

The design of WRE600 Omega air conditioning unit is done in the form of two systems and the units of this series have the ability to supply their necessary energy through city electricity in addition to the car engine.

The presence of a second power source, apart from the car engine, allows the buyers to keep the unit working even when the car engine is off. Therefore, the Omega WRE600 heating cooling unit is considered the best option for use on long and intercity routes with stops of several hours.

The compressor used in all Omega heating and cooling units is SWASH PLATE, which consumes at least 10% less energy than other compressors.

The dedicated intelligent control panel used in the WRE600 Omega air conditioning unit, in addition to the simplicity of turning on, setting and setting up the unit, also has the ability to intelligently record temperature information and its difference with the set temperature on the external memory.

Omega WRE600 air conditioning unit, like other Omega products, is designed according to the climatic conditions and climate diversity of the Middle East, and the proper performance of these units is guaranteed in the cold climate of Zagros to Kharma Pezan in the south.

All Omega products come with a one-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on the supply of parts and after-sales services.

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Technical Specifications

Unit performance


Designed for

Fresh ingredients and frozen ingredients

driving force

Car engine

Refrigerant gas type


Compressor type

Swash Plate

temperature period


Compressor brand



5.2 to 10


48*68*152 cm

Car Battery Specs

12V & 24V

Number of Compressors


Maximum Environment Temperature


Installable on

Truck and small truck

Maximum Evaporator Eeration


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Support and after-sales service


One year warranty and 10 years supply of parts and after-sales service